abri vossos olhos

Kalbarri, Western Australia

Autumn 2020 - In Development

Director:  Anthony Coxeter

Water DP: Tom Jennings

Script: Anthony Coxeter, Maitland Schnaars, Rebecca Millar

Composition: Shoeb Ahmad

Executive Producer: Rebecca Millar

Abri Vossos Olhos is a Dutch-Australian co-produced feature film. After five years of structured creative development, it employs docu-fiction methodologies in the Kalbarri & Northampton regions of Western Australia.

Maitland Schnaars, a journalist and Noongar man, travels with several colleagues to the remote town of Kalbarri in Western Australia to report on the reseeding of an abalone stock on a pastoral lease owned by an old woman who is described in ever more contradictory ways by locals.

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(from L-R) Still from a scene at the living quarters of Maitland's colleagues; Maitland Schnaars at Redbluff; a signal fire such as was made by the survivors of the wrecked Zuytdorp to hail passing merchant ships, but which were discounted as 'native fires'; outdoor screenings in Kalbarri.